Dinitrol approved vehicle undersealing centre in Milton Keynes.

Vehicle rustproofing and undersealing cente for Milton Keynes and Oxford

Vehicle RUSTPROOFING and undersealing specialists for Milton Keynes & oxford

Fully approved by DINITROL®. Pro-tect are proud to be one of the most advanced vehicle rust-proofing and undersealing specialists in the UK. Based near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, our company came to life when both of us, vehicle restoration and paintwork specialists decided that prevention is better than the cure. With decades of experience between us in rust repair, undersealing, bodywork, restoration, paintwork and  re-finishing, we realised that we could offer an unrivalled service to the public and motor trade.

Let us fully rust proof your vehicle

By providing our customers with a service that will correct and prevent the appearance of rust, we would be able to save them many thousands of pounds in future repairs.

The weather in the UK provides the perfect conditions for rust to form. Rust is created when water and air combine, breaking down the steel parts on your car. When salt is used on the roads in the winter, the formation of the rust is exacerbated, it is further accelerated by temperature fluctuations making a vehicle the ideal place for it to form.

These issues are certainly not limited to customers who use their car daily; some of the worst contenders for rust and corrosion issues are the newer generation of sports and super cars, where manufacturers focus on performance and features and save money on corrosion prevention.

Take for example an average 10 year old vehicle, if it has corrosion on the wheel arches and underbody, it may well be listed on the MOT database as having these faults. It’s value is significantly less than a rust free example and in many cases a car with these corrosion issues may be worth as little as 20% of the value of the same rust free vehicle. Whereas in many cases, an older rust free vehicle may well increase in value as it ages.

Our unique three bay, five stage process with a range of products tailored to suit customer and vehicle requirements is unrivalled.

“It simply makes sense, the rust prevention/underseal process costs only a small fraction of the potential future repairs. Future-proofing vehicles for years, and in many cases decades, saves the owner money time and time again in repairs, especially when it comes time for the annual MOT.”

Talk to us today and find out just how affordable it is to get your vehicle treated at our specialist rust prevention centre.

See for yourself

Take a look through a selection of photos showing before and after our underseal treatment

Why use a DINITROL® approved treatment centre?

At Pro-Tect we are proud to be a DINITROL® approved rust protection treatment centre. DINITROL® products are renowned worldwide for dealing effectively with rust and corrosion on vehicles, enabling us to underseal the body of your car and protect it against further damage going forward.

When you visit the Pro-tect Treatment Centre, you are assured full peace of mind, knowing that your valued vehicle is going to be taken care of fully and correctly. You will receive:

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