Dinitrol approved vehicle undersealing centre in Milton Keynes.

Dinitrol vehicle rust specialists & undersealing for Oxford & Milton Keynes

DINITROL® rust-proofing centre
FOR OXFORD & Milton Keynes

Why use a DINITROL® approved treatment centre?

At Pro-Tect we are proud to be a DINITROL® approved undersealing treatment centre. DINITROL® products are renowned worldwide for dealing effectively with rust and corrosion on vehicles, enabling us to seal the body of your car and protect it against further damage going forward.

When you visit the Pro-tect Treatment Centre, you are assured full peace of mind, knowing that your valued vehicle is going to be taken care of fully and correctly. You will receive:

Rust - the hidden enemy

Many of our clients come to us with valuable cars believing that they are in superb condition, not realising that the areas which are out of sight, can be suffering badly from corrosion.

This can happen to even relatively new vehicles which are still under warranty. If not eradicated, this rust eats away at mechanical parts as well as bodywork. The result? Large repair bills.
Don’t be fooled by thinking that the manufacturer’s warranty will cover these issues, as generally only perforation in the bodywork is warranted, this being noticeable only during the late stages of the rust and corrosion attack.
By this time, it’s often too late. Prevention is better than cure.

Even when rust is not visible, very often moisture will be hidden in cavities throughout the body potentially causing huge damage. Even modern cars that have a lot of plastic fitted around the chassis are targeted by rust as it builds up between the undercarriage and the plastic. It is not until these plastic covers are removed that the full impact of the rust and corrosion can be seen, meaning that even when your car has a service or MOT, this may not be evident. Keep in mind also that many vehicles rust from the inside out.

DINITROL® protect

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