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Preserving the structure of your vehicle

The most important part of your vehicle is its structure and yet when it comes to vehicle corrosion protection and prevention, this is very often overlooked.  You will see many proud car owners polishing and preserving the exterior of their car, not even thinking about how it is degrading from the bottom up or inside out.  Once rust and corrosion takes hold, if left untreated, eventually the vehicle, no matter how valuable, will become unsafe and consequently of little value.

Our five stage process:

1 Inspection

Your car is put on a lift, enabling our technicians to examine its condition underneath and create a plan of work. Often customers like to be present at this stage. Once complete, you will receive a FREE of charge detailed quotation, enabling you to decide if you wish to proceed.

2 Work begins

Linings, trims, under trays and wheels are removed and a hot pressure wash followed by steam cleaning the underside and cavities on our outdoor lift. The vehicle can be left to dry naturally or taken into one of our heated booths.

3 Existing rust

Where rust is already present, the vehicle is prepped for rust removal and treatment with any badly affected areas being removed and primers/ converters applied.

4 Underbody

Underbody protection is applied – clients choose from a range of DINITROL® products, usually based upon our recommendations. The vehicle is masked to protect the outer body, brakes, exhaust and suspension etc. We then apply DINITROL® wax which contains rust encapsulates and penetrants to sills, inner wheel arches, chassis, cavities and the complete underbody. The top coat (underseal) is then added.

5 Final stage

DINITROL® cavity wax is applied to lower doors, quarter panels, bonnet, tailgate etc. After a final inspection by technicians, you receive your DINITROL® Treatment Certificate and the vehicle is cleaned and all parts re-fitted, fully protected and ready to drive away.

Why choose Pro-tect?

At Pro-tect Services Ltd, we differ from other undersealing centres due to our many years of combined experience; we know what works well and what doesn’t. We are one of the UK’s only centres focussing solely on rust prevention and repair.

We use the latest technologies in both the products that we apply and the equipment we use to apply them. We work from clean modern facilities and our services are not comparable to the many garages that simply offer undersealing or waxoiling as an add on or sideline.

As one of the UK’s only centres focusing on rust prevention and repair, we regularly receive compliments on our work from owners and garages who have carried out work on a vehicle post Pro-tect treatment, often years after having the treatment. Another great re-assurance that we are doing the job correctly.

Pro-tect has built an exemplary reputation among UK car clubs and enthusiast groups, we don’t actively advertise our services, the majority of our work comes from customer recommendation and word of mouth. To us this means a lot and shows that we are achieving our goal and exceeding customer expectation.

We only use DINITROL® products and are fully DINITROL® approved, specialising in undersealing and applying products that have been rigorously tested and created to deal exclusively with rust and corrosion. For a rust prevention specialist that excels in what they do, choose Pro-tect. 

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Our five stage process:

We’ve compiled a useful guide of frequently asked question along with detailed answers for your convenience.
If you can’t find what you’re after, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

As soon as possible after purchase, even if you buy from new, it would be wise to have the corrosion prevention treatment carried out. If you have a classic car then you should get it to us as soon as you can after delivery. When your vehicle is treated before corrosion starts, we can actually put a barrier in place and stop it forming. A new vehicle will always benefit most of all from our specialist rust-prevention treatments so you can never have the DINITROL® treatment applied too soon.

In most cases, yes. We can remove areas of surface rust and treat/kill rust in areas harder to access. This is carried out before further protective treatments are applied.

The good news is that once the main treatment has been carried out, generally only small ‘top ups’ are required at minimal cost. This takes place usually once every two years, dependant on the age, condition and type of use the vehicle is subjected to.

Our treatments start at only £500 and are quoted for on an Individual basis unless the vehicle is brand new.

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