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Rust proofing treatments

Examples of rust prevention, correction and repairs

We treat each part of our process with care and detail in mind, every vehicle is carefully prepared and masked before any treatments are applied.

The finished product, not only protecting your pride and joy but looks rather good too!

The above pictures show how important it is to properly apply a cavity wax inside sills and box sections. This ‘modern classic’ Porsche 968 had gone through numerous MOT’s with such corrosion being undetected. The owner was oblivious to the problem that was extending rapidly beneath the bodykit until it rotted through beside the jacking points and the full extent of the damage was revealed. This could have been avoided with the correct treatment earlier in the cars life.

Rusty wheel arches are a common sight on even newer vehicles as manufacturers cut back on rust prevention. The rust often starts between the outer and inner skin where they are pinched and spot welded together. With our range of high creep cavity wax treatments this costly and unsightly problem can be prevented.

Proper underside cleaning is vital before a vehicle can undergo rust correction and prevention treatments, with our outdoor lift, hot pressure washer, steam cleaner and specialist cleaning products, we can ensure all areas are clean, it’s simply not possible to do this job properly on axle stands.

This Porsche which was originally galvanised from the factory had some small bubbles appearing in the paintwork above the rear lights. When stripped back the problem became clear. Stone chips had damaged the factory under-seal and broken through the surface layer of galvanising. Rust was then able to spread and eat through the body. Annual underbody cleaning, inspections and top ups could have picked up on this problem before the damage was done.

A good example of how even the most modern vehicles are affected by corrosion issues. This Mazda MX5 at only three years old has rust developing around the strut tops and the chassis rails. We have removed and treated this as can be seen above before applying further treatments to ensure it was kept at bay.

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